Inspired 2 Festival 2015

Inspired 2 Festival

Based in and around a traditional BIG TOP, M. Y. Inter Theatre Company and our partner groups across the midlands hosted a unique event on July 18th 2015.

Surrounding a big top tent in a field in Apedale Heritage Centre, we created a one day, pop up community festival with bands, circus, punch and judy, storytelling and much more, as well as Apedale Heritage Centre’s  own museum, mine tours, cafe and steam rides. The centre piece was Tales From A Tent.

Roll up, roll up, for the greatest show on earth!
Watch Albert get swallowed by a lion
Meet bearded ladies and fiery heros
Laugh or cry with our crazy clowns
But .. beware! No one who enters remains unchanged!

Tales From A Tent was the most ambitious and unique project M.Y. Inter Theatre Company and friends have embarked upon so far. The story and music was collectively devised and written by over 120 learning and physically disabled people, working alongside carers, relatives support workers and facilitators. They gathered together from all parts of the county, including Lichfield, Tamworth, Stoke, Burton and Uttoxeter to perform and celebrate diversity and acheivement.

Following the story of an orphan Polly and the characters she met when sold to the circus, Tales From A Tent was aptly performed in the biggest Big Top Tent we could find. Taking part in Tales From A Tent were: Burton Inclusive Performing Arts, Take A Bow Theatre Company, The Upstagers, Regent College, M.Y. Inter Theatre Company Stoke and Uttoxeter Integrated Performing Arts

We would like to thank Regent College, Stoke City FC, PHAB, The Lions, The Outer Circle Scooter Club, The MAC Club and Staffordshire Community Foundation for their funding and support as well as many other individuals who have put time and effort into supporting this project.


We want people to be Inspired 2 create….perform….participate..and take away a legacy of inclusion, inspiration and excitement which they can take forward.

Sponsorship and Funding: As well as new venues and facilitators, we are always looking for support in the form of sponsorship to enable this to happen. We need to pay and train new facilitators. Currently all sessions are taken by Steve Mitchell and/or Jill Young, the founders of M.Y Theatre, who with a combined 60+ years of experience are looking to share their skills. Management, staging, lighting, venue costs, advertising and all the other myriad of expenses involved in such projects also need to be funded.If you would like to support us or our sister organisations – BIPA, Friends2Friends, Take A Bow – now, or in future, please contact us to become a friend, sponsor or patron.